Turkish Getups

There's a story that back in the 1800's the Turkish getup (TGU) was used as a screening test for apprentice strongmen- basically , "come back when you can do a 100lb TGU with either hand".

By the time the novitiate had worked their way up to that weight, they had a bulletproof core, along with excellent stability and strength in their lower backs and shoulders.

If you are skeptical, watch the video several times and then try the move outside.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don't ever think of dropping the kettlebell because with the TGU your head is the likely destination. The key to safety is to keep your arm stiff and guide the kettlebell away from your body. That's why we say outside- as you go up in weight you must feel total confident to stiff arm the kettlebell on it's way to the ground away from you and yours.