Front Squats

Kettlebell front squats, like barbell front squats are a great exercise for the quads.

They might also be the single most compelling reason to get a pair of Kettlestacks; The Kettlestack's convenient swing and rack positions make heavy front squats a truly comfortable experience. Even better, the "bail out" is an easy reverse clean that will let you push yourself hard with full confidence. No power rack required - just a mat.

To start, clean a pair of KBs to the rack position; Keep your back flat and straight, head up, chest out, and feet at shoulder width. (Notice that you don't need a power rack, just a floor pad). Keep your core tight through the whole motion as you lower yourself. Keep the weight on the heels as you descend; You should be able to wiggle your toes.

If you've tried barbell front squats, then you might know the difficulty in holding the bar in the rack position requires that you keep your elbows up. Racked KBs are easier to hold in the rack than barbells; There is a certain balance point that requires very little effort from your arms and you can focus on your legs.

Take care to keep the back straight and head up, but if you are still being pulled forward (perhaps due to flexibility problems), try rolling the KBs around the outside of your shoulders to shift the balance point. Front squats can be challenging to your balance and flexibility but you will improve.

Try 3 sets of 10~15 reps with a pair of medium to heavy KBs. Extra challenging is to add front and side lunges with the KBs!