Here is a two hands on one KB snatch variation that provides a much more "whole body" emphasis than the traditional kettlebell snatch; Less grip more hip and it's great for beginners.

Start with the 1hand snatch overhand grip, and bring your "helper" hand from below to support the fingers of the primary hand during the bottom throw and catch phases of the snatch. The helper hand idea came about because initially bailsnatches were just regular snatches performed with a small towel around the handle; With a heavy weight , that was just too much grip challenge so the 2nd hand came in and we got bailsnatches.

To familiarize yourself with this motion start with a two handed
under/over grip as if you were holding a baseball bat and perform a
clean to your shoulder. The new
Kettlestack Handle Design
is a bit wider than most- allowing for
comfortable two handed swings and snatches. The load will be spread
over both arms and it should feel more like bailing hay than snatching
a kettlebell (hence bailsnatches). Keep both hands on the handle
until you're very comfortable with the motion and how the kettlebell
swings around your hands into the rack position.

Now, repeat the motion, but instead of cleaning to the rack position,
swing a bit harder , pop your hips and drive the kettlebell to
overhead lockout. The dominant hand in this snatch move will be the
one with the overhand grip at the beginning that ends with the palm
"facing" forward. As a beginner with this move keep the helper hand close but as you gain coordination and confidence you can dial in just the right amount of assistance that 2nd provides.

The "bailsnatch" spreads the load and can be done for higher reps and/or heavier weight (mid to heavy swing or snatch weight -90lbs in the vid ) than the traditional 1-arm snatch (at equivalent weights); It is also an excellent motion for a crossfit style metabolic challenge.

Try it! and get back with your thoughts.