Heavy Kettlebells

"Your assembly instructions only go to 70 lbs, can you provide details on going up to 85 for the mid and 95 lbs for the high model ? " Excellent question!

First, go to our assembly page
and this gallery page
and take a look at the heavier setups.

plate sizes

If your setup goes over 50 lbs then you'll be using 10 lb plates in the center stack. Read more »

Kettlebell Slideshow

A slideshow of kettlebell configurations with Kettlestacks: Read more »

Why Kettlestacks

After you've reviewed the types of training available and decided to try kettlebells,flip the question around and like tens of thousands before, ask yourself "Just like barbells and dumbbells, why not adjustable kettlebells? Then, you're off and running with a Kettlestack for short change : Read more »

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