The fundamental kettlebell motion is the "swing".
This deceptively simple exercise is closely related to the Romanian deadlift; It will train your Posterior chain (lower back,glutes and hamstrings) in a functional,highly aerobic motion that is an excellent complement to squats. Here's the how and why :

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Heavy Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing should be respected for it's pure simple physical challenge, so "heavy" is enough weight that you don't have to worry about swinging it over your head (a crescent swing btw ). Before you load up on snatches, go back to the swing and refocus on the fundamentals; Basically, a kettlebell is about the best tool for training the hip snap. Swing a kettlebell with purposeful intent and you will definitely improve your basis for seriously athletic things like vertical jumps and short "popping" acceleration off the line (whatever sport you play). Read more »

Need Help!!!!!!! ASAP

Hey guys,
I am new to the whole Kettlestacks, Kettlebell thing. I am looking for some tips/advice on what i should buy for my first time training. What products i need and even a work out im looking to put on some weight/muscle and more definition than pure strength but would mind that either. Dose anyone have any advice or suggestions.


Here is a two hands on one KB snatch variation that provides a much more "whole body" emphasis than the traditional kettlebell snatch; Less grip more hip and it's great for beginners. Read more »

Need help, I’m too over-weight

Hey everyone,
I am new to the sight and I need to lose some weight. I am about 90 Kg and am 16 years old. I just want to know what everyone has to say to help me lose 20 Kg by June. first off, is that a reachable goal?? I have other goals but first can someone answer that one for me??


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