Renegade rows with Kettlebells

If you want a really great exercise for the chest through the whole range of motion try along with plenty of other interesting bodyweight motions that Bryce Lane goes over in his booklets, but if you must do renegade rows, and you must do them with kettlebells er stacks, here's the deal!

What about Renegade Rows ?

This link
shows the "renegade row" exercise with a pair of regular cast kettlebells.
Even with a flat bottom, the risk of tipping your anchor
hand will your focus the mind wonderfully on keeping
your anchor arm's forearm vertical while you're rowing
with the other hand.

If you don't have a pair of kettlebells at
the specific weight increment you'll need,
consider a
pair of inexpensive,

collared dumbbells for renegade rows; They are
adjustable, cheap and strength is emphasized over the balance (and risk) aspects of renegade rows
with kettlebells.

The " Bracket " for solid renegade
row kettlestacks

If you wedge a standard 1"x6" steel mending bracket ($3~$4
per pair), into the bottom of a loosened stack, and
retighten (all of 30 seconds), the result is very stable; Renegade rows and even
one arm pushups off the handle are solid. Remember
to wrap the bracket ends in electrical tape to save your
floors and mats

Kettlestacks, setup with only circular plates, do not support renegade
; Except for the very most
advanced and determined

user, they would roll out from
under your hand. If

you are determined to renegade
row with
Kettlestacks, there are two very solid,
convenient ways : "the bracket" and "hex plates".

BTW, the upside is that with 4~5 plates in the middle stack and the handle on the
floor, Kettlestacks form a wonderfully stable platform for divebomber,
hindu or roundup

push-ups. It's a very
easy setup to superset kettlestack C&J's or snatches with
platformed versions of these pushups until your shoulders

Hex Plates for solid renegade
row kettlestacks

A customer suggested HEX
and they work really well!
Even one arm pushups off the handle are solid. As
long as you

  1. tweak the hex corners in & round plates
  2. ensure the hex edges form the bottom
  3. and keep your forearm vertical

you can have your rows, cleans and snatches
with the same

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