Why Kettlestacks

After you've reviewed the types of training available and decided to try kettlebells,flip the question around and like tens of thousands before, ask yourself "Just like barbells and dumbbells, why not adjustable kettlebells? Then, you're off and running with a Kettlestack for short change :

start at any weight kettlebell ***

  • start at any weight kettlebell
  • adjust to accommodate any strength level (you're going to get stronger , right?)
  • Note that the biggest jump in weight comes at the very start as you get used to kettlebells. You might as well think of the first cast kettlebell as a "beginner's tax".
    perform kettlebell motions that require different weights. For example- heavy_kettlebell_swings vs lighter snatches.
  • perform kettlebell motions that require different weights. For example- heavy_kettlebell_swings vs lighter snatches.
  • or get a pair of kettlebells and set them up for symmetrical two hand work (double military press, front squats,cleans) or as a light/heavy duo, and you can change setups with our quickchange kettlebell option

    Kettlestacks serve your evolving fitness needs

    Thousands enjoy the really versatile Kettlestack as :

    • their core piece of equipment,
    • a really well built and well designed fitness tool,
    • a great value - beginner or otherwise,
    • a traveling fitness tool,
    • a gap filler within a larger collection of cast kettlebells,
    • or simply, the " heavy swing kettlebell handle ".

    Kettlestack kettlebells serve your evolving fitness needs!

    * Our new customers often write us something along the lines "where have you guys been ? It makes so much sense!" - we agree .

    ** Add $5 US for shipping; Your local store has STD plates at $.30~$.55 /lb; Shipping charges on solid kettlebells are usually a nasty surprise.

    ***Order the wrong weight kettlebell, and you're out at least 2 one-way shipping charges- more than the Kettlestack itself.

    That's just the single weight kettlebell price comparison ; At multiple weight increments, the picture looks far better for the Kettlestack.

  • Heavy Kettlebell Swings

    The kettlebell swing should be respected for it's pure simple physical challenge, so "heavy" is enough weight that you don't have to worry about swinging it over your head (a crescent swing btw ). Before you load up on snatches, go back to the swing and refocus on the fundamentals; Basically, a kettlebell is about the best tool for training the hip snap. Swing a kettlebell with purposeful intent and you will definitely improve your basis for seriously athletic things like vertical jumps and short "popping" acceleration off the line (whatever sport you play).


    Here are a few differences between men and women to consider w.r.t. kettlebells or

    300 workouts with Kettlestacks

    Following the "300" movie there's been a lot of buzz of about an old fashioned idea - athletic "fast circuit" style training. This style of training works really well with kettlebells with their natural focus on strength-endurance. Basically, we want to design a circuit that challenges a variety of larger bodyparts with relatively simple "whole body" motions and avoid burning out any smaller bodypart; These are hard, all consuming workouts so you really want to understand what you're going through (and why) before you start, so please read through.