Why Kettlebells

The unique Swing, Rack & Lock kettlebell positions (below) form a
wide range of compound motions (roughly a mix of dumbbell and Olympic
lift training) that you combine into a variety of fast, effective
"Old-School" workouts that challenge your strength, cardio and
flexibility. No bench or power-rack needed - just grab and go!

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Kettlebell Swings are a great motion for the posterior chain -hips,hams and back. At high reps they are a workout in themselves- and you keep your shins.

You can swing heavier kettlebells into the rack (crook of your bent arm) than you can curl, and (unlike dumbells) comfortably perform lunges and front squats with
weights you respect- and no power rack needed.

Kettlebells lockout and balance overhead
easily. You can focus during heavy overhead squats and Turkish Getups .

Two handed kettlebell swing

kettlebell shoulder clean

kettlebell overhead squats

1 hand Overhead Squat (by MS )

1 arm kettlebell swing

kettlebell front squat

Turkish GetUp with kettlebells

Darc kettlebell Swing

See Saw Press with kettlebells

kettlebell bent press

What is kettlebell training like ?

To get a feel for kettlebell workouts, try heavy swings (whole page discussion here)

Any more kettlebell motions ?
After swings, consider the more technical 1arm snatch below
With the kettlebell version, the legs and hips are more engaged than the dumbell version ;
Again, the narrower kettlebell swings between
the legs without worry of clipping the shins, and the overhand
grip keeps the back and traps in play. It doesn't sound like
much, but with whole body engaged in driving the weight up,
advanced users routinely perform 40+ reps with 70lb
kettlebells. The shape differences between a kettlebell and
dumbbell create similar advantages in the rack position (check out the
front squat above ) and the overhead lockout (eg Overhead
Squat and Turkish Getup).
Kettlebell Snatches:

A hybrid of swings and presses; Almost a full body workout by themselves- very aerobic.

1 arm kettlebell snatch

two handed kettlebell snatch

Anchored Snatch with kettlebell
Kettlebell Presses: Presses with kettlebells
involved a larger range of motion than dumbells and involve an
additional torque that exercises the rotator cuff muscles.

See Saw kettlebell Press

1 arm military kettlebell press

kettlebell and clean and jerk
Miscellaneous Kettlebell Moves:

exercises like pistols and bottoms up press.

Weighted pistols with kettlebells

Racked Dragon kettlebell Twist

kettlebell bottoms Up Press

Heavy Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing should be respected for it's pure simple physical challenge, so "heavy" is enough weight that you don't have to worry about swinging it over your head (a crescent swing btw ). Before you load up on snatches, go back to the swing and refocus on the fundamentals; Basically, a kettlebell is about the best tool for training the hip snap. Swing a kettlebell with purposeful intent and you will definitely improve your basis for seriously athletic things like vertical jumps and short "popping" acceleration off the line (whatever sport you play).


Here are a few differences between men and women to consider w.r.t. kettlebells or

300 workouts with Kettlestacks

Following the "300" movie there's been a lot of buzz of about an old fashioned idea - athletic "fast circuit" style training. This style of training works really well with kettlebells with their natural focus on strength-endurance. Basically, we want to design a circuit that challenges a variety of larger bodyparts with relatively simple "whole body" motions and avoid burning out any smaller bodypart; These are hard, all consuming workouts so you really want to understand what you're going through (and why) before you start, so please read through.