Here are a few differences between men and women to consider w.r.t. kettlebells or

  • Our handle's diameter is 1.35"- just a hair smaller than most cast kettlebells - better for small hands. (although not as small as those "milk jug" 9lb (or even 5 lb) KBs. Krista discusses some of these points (she still owes us some more pics with the foamdiscs !).
  • If you scan the kettlebell forums, you'll see many women asking what weight to start with. This is a non-issue with Kettlestacks. In fact, women often experience a higher initial percentage strength gain than men, so an adjustable is especially attractive for women (unless cast iron doorstops are in short supply).
  • Women typically have a larger difference between upper and lower body strength, so a weight that would be challenging for pressing (a 12Kg for example), would be trivial with the swing motion . Again, an adjustable kettlebell is an obvious solution.
  • Some trainers will go so far to avoid the fact that you will need different weights as to recommend snatches as the primary motion over the much better for beginner motion of Swings .

    There's a world of difference (and benefit) between a light swing and a heavy swing; Weight is all relative- since you're balancing your body against the kettlebell's momentum, you need enough resistance to perform the swing motion correctly. With the swing motion in particular, the quickchange feature allows for a very easy and quick change of +- 20 lbs, so the Kettlestack weight used for swings doesn't have to be the one you press, clean or otherwise.

  • The first 4 standard cast kettlebells weights are 9/13/18/26 lbs- That's a big 40 percent jump per increment; We're not stopping you from following the big jump kettlebell doctrine- just providing an easy,cost effective way to "dial in" smaller weight increments if you want.
  • We now sell foamdiscs that let you make a big,puffy comfortable Kettlestack with just a few plates.

Those are the major points. Please get back with any other questions.

Heavy Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing should be respected for it's pure simple physical challenge, so "heavy" is enough weight that you don't have to worry about swinging it over your head (a crescent swing btw ). Before you load up on snatches, go back to the swing and refocus on the fundamentals; Basically, a kettlebell is about the best tool for training the hip snap. Swing a kettlebell with purposeful intent and you will definitely improve your basis for seriously athletic things like vertical jumps and short "popping" acceleration off the line (whatever sport you play).

300 workouts with Kettlestacks

Following the "300" movie there's been a lot of buzz of about an old fashioned idea - athletic "fast circuit" style training. This style of training works really well with kettlebells with their natural focus on strength-endurance. Basically, we want to design a circuit that challenges a variety of larger bodyparts with relatively simple "whole body" motions and avoid burning out any smaller bodypart; These are hard, all consuming workouts so you really want to understand what you're going through (and why) before you start, so please read through.