Quality Counts

Since 2004, Kettlestack has maintained the highest standards of innovative design in alternatives to kettlebells, quality construction and customer support. We've earned the loyalty of thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

While you're training the focus should be entirely on the kettlebells and your body, not on your equipment, so we're obsessed with quality of our product and the details that make the difference:

1. STRONG, TEMPERED steel bands:

* Kettlestack adjustable kettlebells uses expensive spring tempered steel bands. At least 5 times stronger than cheap steel; Bands that would be carefree as truck springs have been forced to live out their lives inside your Kettlestack.

* Relatively narrow cores are handled easily.

* No kinking
2. Tough, versatile axle.
heavy duty, hardened steel.
versatile one or two bolts design for a huge variety of stack widths to approximate any size kettlebell or kettlebells.



* To get comfortable shapes at any weight, the Kettlestack axle is really versatile - and way stronger than needed.

* Smoothest kettlebell handle in the market.
* Wide enough for most two handed work, but not too wide. Most kettlebells have handles that are too narrow for comfortable two handed work.
* adjustable height relative to weight stack gets you really close to any kettlebell.
* slight curve in profile . Just enough for self -centering and comfortable diagonal GS-style cross grip kettlebell work.

* How about reviews and testimonials ?


# builds and test in the US,
# invented the concept
# knows the design issues inside and out,
# use these things all the time,
# takes care of the details