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Olympic plates work with Kettlestack Kettlebells

Kettlestacks were designed with standard (1" ID hole) plates in mind, but they work really well with metric plates and Olympic (2" ID hole) plates if you tweak the shape by shifting the plates.


New Kettlestack Handle Design

Where are the weights ?

Where are the weights, doesn't Kettlestack sell them ?

No, we don't sell the weight plates at this time:

Technical Details

How are the steel bands attached to the ABS grip?
They aren't attached;The support bands are a single piece of laser cut spring steel bent to track through the internal channel of the heavy duty ABS grip- You cannot pull them out. Immensely strong. In the lower portion of the handle (above), the channels are widened to allow for flexing of the support bands, providing compliance for varying stack widths and a slight bit of shock absorption.

Home Made Kettlebells

Unless you were first exposed to kettlebells first hand, you probably found out about them on the internet.
The problem was whether dumbbells would suffice to try out the motions, and were there any viable substitutes and there was always the cost issue.


KETTLESTACK ships cheap&quick anywhere in the world
(with some exceptions )

SHIPPING COSTS for Kettlebells are usually VERY HIGH; Don't forget to
factor this cost into the price comparison. If you travel, don't
forget airline surcharges on heavy items as well!

To estimate the cost (in $US) of any combination of
item(s),destination and shipping method just step through checkout and
the various shipping options and the costs will show up in a pull down
menu prior to prompting for your payment method.Or for most countries,

comfort and adjustability

With the kettlestack comfortable you get comfortable shapes at any weight.

Handles like this shape
sardine kettlebell handle
belong on sardine cans.