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Quality Counts

Since 2004, Kettlestack has maintained the highest standards of innovative design in alternatives to kettlebells, quality construction and customer support. We've earned the loyalty of thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

While you're training the focus should be entirely on the kettlebells and your body, not on your equipment, so we're obsessed with quality of our product and the details that make the difference:

1. STRONG, TEMPERED steel bands:

threaded kettlebell handles

We've had a few questions about the relative advantages of the Kettlestack against standard "sardine key" handles.

Handles with a vertical axle sardine kettlebell handle
got us thinking about a better kettlebell handle design a few years ago. Imagine where and how those plates are going to land when you perform a snatch or clean.

Where are the weights ?

Where are the weights, doesn't Kettlestack sell them ?

No, we don't sell the weight plates at this time:

Adjustable kettlebells for women

We often get questions from women asking about the suitability of the kettlestack for their training.
This picture compares your options:

You might think this photo shows two huge Kettlestacks as compared to the small kettlebells but you should turn it around and consider that the 5 pound steel kettlebell is tiny - the bell being the size of a baseball.


KETTLESTACK ships cheap&quick anywhere in the world
(with some exceptions )

SHIPPING COSTS for Kettlebells are usually VERY HIGH; Don't forget to
factor this cost into the price comparison. If you travel, don't
forget airline surcharges on heavy items as well!

To estimate the cost (in $US) of any combination of
item(s),destination and shipping method just step through checkout and
the various shipping options and the costs will show up in a pull down
menu prior to prompting for your payment method.Or for most countries,


KETTLESTACK warrantees the Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handle for a period of TWO YEAR against material and manufacturing defects under the proper and intended use of the product. Proper use is defined as not dropping it from high heights and onto hard surfaces.

Technical Details

How are the steel bands attached to the ABS grip?
They aren't attached;The support bands are a single piece of laser cut spring steel bent to track through the internal channel of the heavy duty ABS grip- You cannot pull them out. Immensely strong. In the lower portion of the handle (above), the channels are widened to allow for flexing of the support bands, providing compliance for varying stack widths and a slight bit of shock absorption.


LEO,FD and Military professionals should know we are honored to be part of their training regime.