Narrow Core Issues

If you're interested in Narrow Core setups,
don't forget to read about our foamdiscs !

To handle a wide variety of core widths, all  Kettlestack models

  • tempered steel bands
  • our pat pending internal  pivot.

    Still, it's best to setup the core width between 3.5 and 4.5" (pic on the right), and that usually amounts to 3~5 plates depending on the particulars of the core.

    Sometimes, to get just the right weight, you might want to use a Kettlestack with a  very narrow core width.   If you must, here are the issues:

  • Here's a setup with

    • 20 lbs of weight 2*2.5+3*5
    •  1 3" bolt
    • blue steel bands
    • hexaxle going into the highest position (closest to the handle).
    • over 1" of play between core width and the nominal position of the
    • Note how the  2.5 lb plates are outboard of the

    The key part of this setup is squeezing the band over the hexaxle so you can tighten down the 3" bolt . 

    The total stack width was just wide enough that the bolt head actually came down snug against the outer 2.5lb plate before coming flush with the hexaxle, however, the flex in the bands would have kept everything tight even if the bolt couldn't meet up with the hexaxle.

    Checkout the bend on that band!  It feels like you're loading a cross bow.

    Even with the Kettlestack's PatPending "flexomatic" geometry and high tempered steel bands, that is really pushing the limit. Please don't go below 3" in the core width , and try to back off the axle to the middle or lowest position.

    Voila !

    One tight package with three 5lbs plates between the bands,

    and a 2.5 outboard of each band.

    In hindsight, it would be easier to stick the 2.5s inboard of the bands (shown) and back off the hexaxle to a lower position (not shown). Try to keep the core width between 3.5" and 4.5"- That's quite a spread and will accomodate many, many setups.

    Please contact us if you have any questions on setup...